Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dr. Tesi of Hurst, Therapist Shot in his Garage by Colleyville Police

Dr. Tesi, OTR and PhD en transit to work in scrubs was followed beyond jurisdiction and shot by a policemen he had complained had harrased him The press implies he has terrorist connections however  this escalated from a contested seat belt violation and he was a respected clinician with no significant record of anything other than challenging a traffic violation per his minority status. Dr. Tesi is an intellectual to say the least, he graduated from one of the best OT programs in the world and earned a PhD as well. He was a successful therapist with patients and colleagues who love him dearly. If you examine the press and the focus on what he believed; the lack of evidence and the 3 altered variations of events reported by the lone policeman who pursued him into his garage, with no siren, with the cam turned off, with a witness contradicting him and with logistics that need to be repeatedly altered because they just dont add up. See the articles below including those charging intimidation and harassment of Dr Tesis attorneys. He is portrayed as a thug and yet this is a man who had never even taken a drag off of a regular cigarette, did not drink  and tolerated his patients very well. There are those who know Dr Tesi who know this is simply not a true account. There is much, much more to this story of this alleged terroristic seatbelt violator who would wllegedly run home to turn around and shoot from his garage. Read it and then consider persecution by hyperbolic belief v the "evidence" really word against word (Tesi and his witness v the lone angry officer) the officer wins...curious

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Regarding the Shooting on Dr Tesis property :

Wow there are more holes in this case than the inside of Doctor Tesi's garage, just a few things: Terrorism, Discrimination of race/religion/politics/ intimidations/ corruption/ media spin - what a book this will make for some author

1. Religious/racial DISCRIMINATION - If you take out the religious and political persecution of this (it is illegal to prosecute because of it or every muslim and evangelical christian would be put in jail) - you pretty much have word against word. Oh except of course for the one neighbor witness who indicated he saw the officer fire first, which differs from the first published claim of the officer. He was a very outspoken Ron Paul supporter as well - some did not like that. If you have studied criminology this is known as labeling (of course the media helped you out there)

2. This was personal -The officer recognized Tesi although he was driving a vehicle not his own, RECOGNIZED HIS FACE and not the plates

3. This was very personal - The officer may have been very angry. Angry enough to follow Dr Tesi OUT OF JURISDICTION and to within his own garage (hot pursuit of a seatbelt violator)

5. Situational incongruency - Dr. Tesis teeth and blood ended up on the seat in his vehicle. If he were outside armed this would not have happened FACTS DONT MATCH UP

6. The shot was not straight into the Doctors face but the side, if he was facing the officer it would have been a frontal shot and killed Tesi as it would have passed through his brain stem or c-spine FACTS DONT MATCH UP

7. If he was shot in the foot first was it upon exiting the vehicle as that would have been the first thing exposed from the vehicle, QUESTIONS EXIST

8. The witness , of the defense (a neighbor),indicated the officer fired first at Tesi within his own garage, so Dr. Tesi was RETURNING FIRE. The press doesnt mention that much

9. In the first story it was indicated that Tesi was out of the car with a gun in his right hand, in the 2nd version he was Reaching over his left shoulder firing from the car with his right hand (he would have been deaf) in the third he was turned facing the officer from the vehical. Try out these mechanics from sitting within your own garage, very awkward for a man trying to "assail" perhaps forced into return fire?

10. The siren was broken on the POLICE CAR was Dr Tesi aware he was being followed he was within a truck that was pretty high and it was daylight difficult to see lights. This may be a moot point by the next item...

10.5... One of the papers stated that Dr. Jim Tesi made several statements to law enforcement and EMS, (These statements were not excluded from evidence by the judge even though it was indicated they were made PRIOR to being arrested and read his MIRANDA RIGHTS (maybe that doesnt matter in that town?). One of those statements was one that indicated that Dr. Tesi, a man who had complained to friends about being harassed by someone in law enforcement , wanted to make it home to die there. This statement if not dismissed implies Dr. Tesi already FEARED FOR HIS LIFE and wanted to evade not the law but a danger to his life. Did he recognize the officer who recognized his face Again this becomes VERY VERY PERSONAL

11. IF Dr. Tesi had something against this officer why was there never a truck to car collision of any sort. The truck was a potential WEAPON NEVER USED. An enraged "Thug" may have considered such an option.

12. If this group Tesi is a member of is an anti-govt TERRORIST group why was it never brought under FEDERAL JURISDICTION

13. NO CAMERA on - In the article regarding the pullover and interrogation of Tesi's attorneys they site that they turned on their CAMS and recorded it. There was no video of a LONE officer pursuing a TERRORIST/Doctor into his own garage and and ensuing shootout. The officer was alone huh? Is that unusual or was this just VERY VERY PERSONAL

14. What about the bloody palm print on the uh, phone (did you check the phone records) if there was a bloody print on the phone he was shot, grabbed the phone, made a call and then decided oh I had better shoot back? or was he shot in the leg and the side of the face as he exited the vehicle? He had a palm print on something else and the other hand opened the door so which hand did he fire with?

15. What of the attorneys being held at gun point an harassed, was this intimidation or just another one of the wreckless mishaps plaguing this case on the part of local law enforcement.

Factiod -Statistically it is far less likely that a man of Tesi's education would commit such an act, on the contrary statistically speaking the officer in question is no less likely to commit such a violent crime than the general population

.Dr. Tesi a clinician and neuro-motor researcher, also a professor who has taught at 2 Texas universities, had in fact tried unusual doctrine to challenge his seatbelt violation. He used language that was condescending and probably ticked off some in law enforcement. Some may have been tired of him shooting off his mouth and thought it might be best to shoot it off for him. Dr Tesi was in transit to/from the hospital he worked wearing his surgical scrubs. Was Dr Tesi on a prelunch rampage before going back to see his patients whom are trying to tolerate for so many years or was he a man intimidated, in fear for his life and trying to find the one spot of refuge he might find sanctuary from from someone angry with him, who had harassed him and who did not like this little mans (5,3" 130#) condescending attitude or beliefs.

If he is a govt threat as the Star Telegram has endorsed why is it he is tried locally when it is obvious there is no way he could get a fair trial there anyway.

I would be suprised if the good doctor lived to make it to trial. He presents a danger to many in uniform now as so many may have conspired to cover this up. A faked suicide attempt of a planned physical altercation could easily incur if corruption is at the level it appears.

Where was boss hog when all this was going on? I have a feeling that this isnt over until the fat cop sings. Now I really dont know who that is however I am betting they are bigger than the 130# 5'3" doctor who has never swung at anyone, never had a domestic dispute and never taken a drag off of even a regular cigarette.

Is it also the responsibility to contact federal authorities when they see something like this? Does conspiracy law leave that out? Uh well, check those new laws under this administration.

Cell phone in hand?

Creating bias due to a mans financial despair and his politico-religious beliefs:

Neighbors and witness intimidatted by whom?

Attorneys intimidated as well:

This said Dr Tesi fired first later it said he fired when He saw Tesi with a gun in his hand?

This implies he is a potential terrorist/ federal implications:

This said Tesi did not fire first:

This one says the warrent for the "No-Seatbelt" driver ended with Tesi having a gun but only returning fire:

This implies persecution for political/religious reasons and that he may have been a terrorist:

This one shows Dr Tesis FACE AFTER being wounded and implies religious or terrorist affiliations spurning the violent act of returning fire and the rebellious act of no seatbelt wearing:

This one implies that this is a national problem with TERRORIST roots:

This one implies persecution due to minority group status:

This one sidesteps federal jurisdiction depite the attempt to go to that level, fear of an infair trail?

This one indicates that Tesi feared for his life from fled and believed that he would be pursued to upon and within his own property:

In the end all that is implied (disregarding political or religious factors) Tesi fled, believed his life was in danger, simultaneously grasped, a cell phone, opened the truck door from within his own garage and that he may have returned fire by a lone officer, who knew his face was out of jurisdiction and perhaps who believed this "No seatbelt" offender was a terrorist. Uh, sure

Impression : A small man with a very big mind, condescendingly intimidated some very big men with small minds and in the end proved the point that he was trying to make. He is pretty much a slave to the system, his life was in danger for standing up for a No-Seatbelt law and denied federal prudence. In fact, in believing they made an example of Dr. Tesi, it becomes very obvious that he made an example of them and the response the system would have to him (even upon his own personal property)

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